Microbial Science Laboratories


Concern is growing among consumers about using chemical-based products in and around the home.  Demand for natural and organic products is on the rise.

Microbial Science Laboratories uses the newest microbial technology for septic treatment and pond clarifiers, replacing the use of chemicals. Our products contain more than 50 times the microbial activity than the leading brands in the septic and pond categories.

Collectively, our researchers and product developers have over one hundred years of experience identifying beneficial strains of bacteria and reproducing them to be safer for the environment and more effective and affordable for your home.

Today, we offer two cutting-edge products. Each product contains unique and proprietary bacterial strains to prevent contamination of well water, water sheds and ponds.

Septic Saver by Microbial Science Laboratories


Backups and clogs in the septic system are costly, messy and inconvenient. The best way to protect your septic system is preventive maintenance. Adding Septic Saver through a toilet flush every other month effectively prevents these expensive issues.

When household waste is broken down in the septic tank, the by-product is dangerous nitrates. Nitrates combine with septic water and travel into the septic field, through the soil and can mix with well water. Nitrates can also run off into streams, rivers, lakes and other waterways causing algae blooms which can harm fish and other aquatic life.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that nitrate levels above 10ppm (nitrogen) in well water is a health risk for infants and can cause Blue Baby Syndrome. High nitrate levels can also be harmful to pregnant mothers and other adults.

Septic saver reduces dangerous nitrates in the septic tank by converting them into harmless nitrogen gas which comprises 78% of the earth’s natural atmospshere.  In essence convert dangerous nitrates into a life sustaining element.

Septic Tank Cleaner - Septic Saver


Water gardens and estate ponds are beautiful and add value and ambiance to any home. But foul odors and murky water can be an eye sore and source of frustration for any homeowner, not to mention the adverse effect poor water quality can have on the health of aquatic life.

Pond Clarifier improves water clarity and quality using beneficial bacteria as opposed to chemicals. The more than 60 billion beneficial bacteria biodegrade sludge, waste, sediment and foul odors. They also remove excess ammonia, nitrates, nitrites and phosphates.

Get off to a clear start in the spring by using Pond Clarifier to “seed” the pond filtration system. Follow up with a monthly dose to maintain clear water. Each tablet treats up to 5,000 gallons of pond water.

Pond Clarifier For Any Home Owner